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Megan E. Freeman's Publications


ALONE  middle grade novel-in-verse, Simon & Schuster/Aladdin, 2021- WINNER OF THE COLORADO BOOK AWARD

Lessons on Sleeping Alone – premium chapbook,  Liquid Light Press, 2015


"My Lancelot" - Exception/ALL: An Exploration of Normal, Writing Heights, Fall 2023

"and another thing they never tell you"

"Sitting in poetry class"

Prologue - Ungoverned Children, The Bookworm of Edwards, May 2022

"Bath" - Chiaroscuro: An Anthology of Virtue and Vice, Northern Colorado Writers, Fall 2021




"this poem is not about the dream"

"the world is ending and my dryer is broken"  Fresh StartsPikes Peak Writers, 2021

"Birthing" – Rise:  An Anthology of Change, Northern Colorado Writers, 2019 - WINNER OF THE COLORADO BOOK AWARD

"milkweed" (Pushcart nomination)

"In the Dark of Earliest Morning"

"the most beautiful parts of my body"

"With Fiona Near Reykjavik"

"Back in the Middle Kingdom" – Poems from the Back Forty, Columbine Poets of Colorado, 2018

"Teaching Marileen to Smoke" – Vine Leaves Literary Journal:  A Collection of Vignettes from Across the Globe, 2017

"Root Cellar" – Weird Sisters: Lilac City Fairy Tales, Scabland Books, April 2017 

"On Winter Days in Northern Norway" – Shortest Day, Longest Night, Arachne Press, December 2016

IMPROV An Anthology of Colorado Poets:  Peace, War, Love – Green Fuse Poetic Arts, 2009

     "I am the rubber-gloved"

     "We Went to War on a Sunday"

     "In the Garden"


     "honeymoon's over"

Ink – Colorado State University Writing Project, 2005

     "Two Figs"

     "My Hero"

The Alphabet of the Night – Area H, LAUSD, 1980



Paris and the Poetry Mermaid – Area H, LAUSD, 1979

     "I am the Ocean"



Walt Whitman, Your Beard Full of Butterflies – Area H, LAUSD, 1978

     "My grandfather held me close"

     "I am the blue pool"

     "A bear"

     "Roses have white breath"

Literary Journals

"Poetry in the Basement" - English Journal, Vol. 12, Issue 1, September 2022

"2312 North Fourth Street" – The Rockford Review, Winter-Spring 2020

"framing you" – The Sunlight Press, Winter 2020

"Planetary Differentiation" (Pushcart nomination)

"The Difference Between Cheesecake and Dementia"

"The rug you pulled out from under us" Scarlet Leaf Review, January 2020

"the words pile up"

"All Fall Down"


"Cement Shoes" – Déraciné Literary Magazine, Winter 2019


"I Keep Forgetting" – Anti-Heroin Chic, November 2019

"around every turn"

"Algorithm" – Wild Musette Journal#1901, March 2019

"like raindrops but not rain"

"elegy" – Listen:  A Seeker's Resource for Spiritual Direction, July 2018

"We Will Meet Under the Bodhi Tree" – Ashé Journal, May 2018

"walking meditation"

"Entree" – Riggwelter, January 2018

"spell wow backward" – The Manhattanville Review, December 2017

"Megan E. Freeman:  Poetry Here and Now" – The Boulderist podcast interview, September, 2017

"am I Moon or are you?" – Sheila-Na-Gig, Summer 2017


"so often now" – Stoneboat Literary Journal, Issue 7.2, Spring 2017 

"Of Unhappy Men and Minotaurs"  – Five:2:One Magazine, April 2017

"one of those rare celestial events"


"physical geography"

"Overnight in Joshua Tree"

"Giving Way to Longing" – Visitant Literary Magazine, February 2017

"In This Story I am Cassandra and You Are Deaf" – deLuge Literary and Art Journal, Issue 2.1, Fall 2016

"Many Roads Lead to Town" – Visitant Literary Magazine, November 2016

"Bowie, Prince, and Harper Lee" – ​Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, November 2016

"Ennui" – The Turnip Truck(s), November 2016

"Despair"   – ​Dying Dahlia Review – July 2016



"Introduction to Icarus" – Every Day Poems, March 2016

"Interview with Megan E. Freeman" – Robert King, Colorado Poets Center, 2016

"Fraser, Colorado  7:48 p.m." – Turtle Island Quarterly, summer 2015

"Driving Past Autumn Aspen Groves" – first prize (nature category), Michael Adams Poetry Prize, 2015


"Daybreak" – Literary Mama, 2006

Guest Blog Posts

The Best Books to Introduce Readers to Novels in Verse

Writing Craft Corner: Wrapping Things Up

Secret Advice for Aspiring Writers

Writing Craft Corner: Finding Your Voice

Writing Craft Corner: The Mighty Antagonist

School Library Journal: Life-Altering Stories

Writing Craft Corner: Strong Settings

How to Approach Novels in Verse 

School Library Journal: Writing What Haunts You

Poetry for Children: The Choice to Write ALONE in Verse

Craft Corner: Generating Story Ideas

GeoLibrarian: The Story Behind the Story of ALONE

Reading Between the Wines: Novels in Verse

Caroline Starr Rose: Classroom Connections

Pop! Goes the Reader: Authors Talk Holidays


Commissions & Collaborations

Women Artists & Poets: A Collaboration - multi-media collaboration, Lone Tree Art Center, July 2023

Encounters: How the Light Gets In – multi-media collaboration, Artworks Loveland, May 2017

Muse and Music – poetry and music collaboration, Where the Books Go, March 2017

Line Casting – multi-media collaboration, Artworks Loveland, May 2016

"crow pose"– text for a composition by Thomas Edward Morgan, commissioned by Ars Nova Singers, April 2016

"Music’s Music" – text for a composition by Steven Sametz, commissioned by the Los Angeles Master Chorale, 2009

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