Lessons on Sleeping Alone – premium chapbook,  Liquid Light Press, December 2015

Literary Journals


"2312 North Fourth Street" – The Rockford Review, Winter-Spring 2020

"Cement Shoes" – Déraciné Magazine, Winter 2019


"I Keep Forgetting" – Anti-Heroin Chic, November 2019

"around every turn"

"framing you" – The Sunlight Press, Fall 2019

"Planetary Differentiation"

"The Difference Between Cheesecake and Dementia"

"like raindrops but not rain" – Wild Musette Journal, October 2019

"Algorithm" – Wild Musette Journal#1901, March 2019

"elegy" – Listen:  A Seeker's Resource for Spiritual Direction, July 2018

"Entree" – Riggwelter, January 2018

"spell wow backward" – The Manhattanville Review, December 2017

"Megan E. Freeman:  Poetry Here and Now" – The Boulderist podcast interview, September, 2017

"am I Moon or are you?" – Sheila-Na-Gig, Summer 2017


"so often now" – Stoneboat Literary Journal, Issue 7.2, Spring 2017 

"Of Unhappy Men and Minotaurs"  – Five:2:One Magazine, April 2017

"one of those rare celestial events"


"physical geography"

"Overnight in Joshua Tree"

"Giving Way to Longing" – Visitant Literary Magazine, February 2017

"In This Story I am Cassandra and You Are Deaf" – deLuge Literary and Art Journal, Issue 2.1, Fall 2016

"Many Roads Lead to Town" – Visitant Literary Magazine, November 2016

"Bowie, Prince, and Harper Lee" – ​Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, November 2016

"Ennui" – The Turnip Truck(s), November 2016

"Despair"   – ​Dying Dahlia Review – July 2016



"Introduction to Icarus" – Every Day Poems, March 2016

"Interview with Megan E. Freeman" – Robert King, Colorado Poets Center, 2016

"Fraser, Colorado  7:48 p.m." – Turtle Island Quarterly, summer 2015

"Driving Past Autumn Aspen Groves" – first prize (nature category), Michael Adams Poetry Prize, 2015


"Daybreak" Literary Mama, 2006

Commissions & Collaborations

Encounters: How the Light Gets In – multi-media collaboration, Artworks Loveland, May 2017

Muse and Music – poetry and music collaboration, Where the Books Go, March 2017

Line Casting – multi-media collaboration, Artworks Loveland, May 2016

"crow pose"– text for a composition by Thomas Edward Morgan, commissioned by Ars Nova Singers for "Shared Visions", April 2016

"Music’s Music" – text for a composition by Steven Sametz, commissioned by the Los Angeles Master

Chorale, 2009


"Birthing" – Rise:  An Anthology of Change, Northern Colorado Writers, 2019


"In the Dark of Earliest Morning"

"the most beautiful parts of my body"

"With Fiona Near Reykjavik"

"Back in the Middle Kingdom" – Poems from the Back Forty, Columbine Poets of Colorado, 2018

"Teaching Marileen to Smoke" – Vine Leaves Literary Journal:  A Collection of Vignettes from Across the

Globe, 2017

"Root Cellar" – Weird Sisters: Lilac City Fairy Tales, Scabland Books, April 2017 

"On Winter Days in Northern Norway" – Shortest Day, Longest Night, Arachne Press, December 2016

IMPROV An Anthology of Colorado Poets:  Peace, War, Love – Green Fuse Poetic Arts, 2009

     "I am the rubber-gloved"

     "We Went to War on a Sunday"

     "In the Garden"


     "honeymoon's over"

Ink – Colorado State University Writing Project, 2005

     "Two Figs"

     "My Hero"

     "right to left"

The Alphabet of the Night – Area H, LAUSD, 1980



Paris and the Poetry Mermaid – Area H, LAUSD, 1979

     "I am the Ocean"



Walt Whitman, Your Beard Full of Butterflies – Area H, LAUSD, 1978

     "My grandfather held me close"

     "I am the blue pool"

     "A bear"

     "Roses have white breath"



"Interview with Megan Freeman of Peak to Peak Charter School" – Procurify Blog, 2015

"Continuous Becoming: Moving Towards Mastery" – English Journal, vol. 103, no. 1, September 2013


"Professional Development Center Benefits Charter School and Charter Community" – The Charter Blog, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, 2013


NBC’s Education Nation 2012, panelist – NBC Education Town Hall, live broadcast April 15, 2012


"Thoughtful, Committed Citizens" – The Charter Blog, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, 2015

"Educational Partnerships:  How One Charter School Meets Internal Professional Development Needs with External Opportunities for Partnerships and Collaboration"  – Best Cooperative Practices DirectoryOhio Alliance of Public Charter Schools, 2012


"An Investment in Faculty Retention and Student Achievement" – Charter Focus, 2011

The Peak to Peak Writer’s Handbook, Editor – Peak to Peak Charter School, 2003 – 2010 editions


Other Publications

"What Makes You Think Canada Would Want You?" – guest editorial, Boulder Daily Camera, 2008


The Problematic Princess – play for the Ohio State University Theater Company, 1991


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2010 - present



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